To homeowners in Texas, termites are a huge pest. If you live in Texas and have a termite infestation and don’t treat it right away, these pests can literally eat you out of house and home.Termite control san antonio

Many homeowners in San Antonio Texas call a termite inspector to find out whether they have termites and which termite treatment for San Antonio is appropriate. Some evidence that you have termites are holes in your wood, sagging doors, and discarded insect wings. These things can clue you in that you need termite treatment. If you see these signs, it is best to call in a termite control company right away. Termites are nasty little animals that can destroy your home very fast if you leave the problem untreated. Remember that termite damage repairs will be more costly the longer you wait. So Call Your San Antonio Pest Control Company Today

Select a reputable Texas termite inspector or termite control company to inspect your home. If you do not know whom to call, ask friends and family who may have had the same issue for recommendations. Ask the company for a termite inspection and a quote on how much it will cost. Always ask up front if there is a fee for the inspection. Many termite companies in Texas will provide free termite inspection. You can also call two or three companies and get several estimates in order to be sure that you are not overpaying on termite control. It is however not a good idea to select the cheapest termite company. If your termite extermination job is not done correctly, the destructive pests will simply come back to finish the feast.

Before you sign an agreement, make sure to ask questions about the type of termite treatment that will be used on your home. Does it simply kill the termites or also prevent re-infestation? You want a termite treatment method that will do three things:

Get rid of the living termites
Kill the eggs and nests
Prevent re-infestation.

Keep in mind that, after you have had Texas termite treatment done, you will want to have periodic inspections to make sure the termites do not return.
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