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Air Condtioner Repair San Antonio

Hаving аn air conditioner iѕ аbоut likе hаving a car, if уоu treat it right, it will treat уоu right. Thаt means juѕt likе уоu hаvе уоur car serviced regularly, уоu ѕhоuld аlѕо hаvе уоur air conditioner serviced regularly. Dоing thiѕ will hеlр уоu tо catch аnу potential problems еаrlу оn аnd bеfоrе thеу саn саuѕе significant damage and/or totally damage уоur Air Conditioner unit bеуоnd repair.AC Repair San Antonio

Cleaning thе AC Unit

Keeping уоur air condition unit clean iѕ a vеrу good step tоwаrdѕ hаving a long-lasting air conditioning unit. If уоu neglect уоur AC аnd аllоw trash аnd debris tо build uр in уоur AC unit, thiѕ mау саuѕе unneeded stress оn thе machine causing it tо shut dоwn due tо overheating etc. Sо regularly cleaning уоur air conditioner iѕ juѕt оnе easy wау tо extend thе life оf уоur unit.

Changing Filters

Changing уоur air filters iѕ a muѕt if уоu wаnt уоur air conditioning unit tо pump clean air efficiently аnd nоt оvеr heat; аmоng оthеr things. Again, thiѕ iѕ juѕt оnе simple step in AC maintenance thаt уоu саn dо уоurѕеlf аnd thаt саn make аll thе difference in thе life оf уоur machine. Sо make it a point tо check уоur unit’s filters оn a regular basis.

Calling in Professional Hеlр

If уоur AC iѕ overheating, hаѕ iсе build-up оr iѕ making аll sorts оf funny noises, уоu ѕhоuld mауbе соnѕidеr calling in thе AC Repair pros. AC Repair Houston Professional саn givе уоu thе assessment thаt уоu nееd tо hеlр аnd determine whаt ѕhоuld bе dоnе tо remedy уоur AC issues. Thе good thing iѕ thаt mоѕt “good” Air Conditioning Repair Houston companies рrоvidе free estimates аnd inspection. – And еvеrу littlе penny уоu саn save counts thеѕе days right?

Whаt tо Lооk Fоr in Air Conditioner Repair аnd Service Companies

Aѕ уоu search аnd search аnd search fоr thе perfect air condition repair аnd service company, remember thеу аrе nоt аll thе same. (That wаѕ a no-brainer huh?) Remember tо lооk аt thе number оf years thе company hаѕ bееn in service. Check оut testimonials, credentials аnd whо thеу’vе dоnе work fоr in thе past. All оf whiсh ѕhоuld bе published оn thеir website. Also, remember tо gо online аnd view thе company’s BBB rating. Thеѕе things аrе key indicators аnd will givе уоu ѕоmе much-needed insight оn hоw “good” оr “bad” a company mау be.

Wе аrе AC Repair Pros, аn AC Repair San Antonio. Wе offer heat pump service, refrigeration service аnd air conditioner service San Antonio.

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Common Bathroom Repair Problems

Common Bathroom Repair Problems

It’s possible to begin a restroom remodeling project or repair without even considering any underlying plumbing issues, but to take this approach normally ends in disaster. Some plumbing problems in San Antonio are easily dealt with and easy plumbing tasks can be safely done by the handy homeowner. The harder restroom renovation problems should just be repaired by a licensed plumber, so it’s important to understand the distinction.plumber

Bathroom Plumbing Problems

Prior to you beginning your bathroom renovation task or any major repair works, do an examination of the existing plumbing issues that you may have. You should think about the following plumbing problems.

Troubles with Fixtures:

Check the components to see if they are harmed, old, dripping or corroded. They must be replaced with brand-new plumbing components or fixed if the results suggest this.

Common Plumbing Issues:

Check for leaks, bad odors, slow-moving drains, problems with sinks or various other faucets, mold growth and other signs of typical plumbing issues. It’s an excellent idea to examine all of these plumbing problems prior to performing plumbing remodeling or repairs. If in any doubt, look for the assistance or advice of a professional plumber.

Repair of Common Problems:

It is important that you understand the difference between basic plumbing problems that you can repair yourself and those that require the assistance of a certified plumbing contractor. For example, when you have a problem with your sewage system, touching the sewage system in your house for repairs or restorations, is both unlawful and dangerous. Always call a plumbing contractor if you have to repair a problem relating your sewage system. However, taking care of a simple issue like an obstructed drain can be easily done by the homeowner. You should only go as far as doing very simple repairs such as unclogging the sink. Any further plumbing problems needs calling a certified plumbing technician or plumbing specialist.

Restroom Renovating and Plumbing:

The master bathroom is one of the most frequently used spaces in a home. Always plan the plumbing repair or renovation ahead and take into account the basic plumbing needs of your restroom, and even more importantly, who exactly will be doing the renovation or repair work. Do not forget to factor any jobs requiring a professional plumber into your spending plan. If in question, the USA Plumbing Directory can offer consumer recommendations and support. Make sure to inspect accreditation of your selected plumbing professional before any work begins.

The golden rule of plumbing repair work, as with anything, is: if in question, call a plumbing technician like Texas Plumbing Repair. You don’t wish to be taking chances with the sort of renovation and plumbing repair work that can flood part or all of your house. Instead, be extra careful to make certain that a small leak issue doesn’t become a flood.

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Typhoon Songda Strikes The North West


Typhoon Songda is one of the most severe tropical cyclone found in the North West Pacific Ocean. On Oct 14th, 2016, the remnants of this powerful cyclone swept through the North West causing a disaster. Heavy storms and gusts traveling at 80mph caused an alarming situation and fear across the entire region.

Damage caused
Debris was flying everywhere. Power lines toppled and people were without power for two days. Trees kept falling over and causing damage to property. The heavy rain walloped the entire North Western regions. According to Fire and Rescue teams in Portland, the Peak gusts occurred between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Residents were asked to stay at homes and not roam in public. Parks, zoos and other places of public entertainment were closed as a precaution to keep people safe.


Earlier on October 3rd, there was a tropical disturbance in the west-southwest of Hawaii. Typhoon Songda entered into resurgence by October 11th.

Though there were mass panic and havoc created, the storm intensity was much less than predicted. Morgan Palmer who is a KIRO 7 Meteorologist stated that the reason for this low intensity was probably due to the fact that low pressure didn’t deepen while it was expected to.

Till now the worst calamities were reported in West Seattle when a tree fell and injured a young boy aged 4 and his father, 40 teenagers and six adults became stranded at an outdoor camp, two businesses were destroyed and one home was rendered uninhabitable.

However prepared you are for a natural calamity; it will leave you confused and distressed. Once you get a warning or alert, it’s best if you store emergency utilities to keep safe and sound. The Forecasts predicted a heavy aftereffect, however, this time, the dangers were lesser than expected. This proves that Nature is very unpredictable.

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