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Typhoon Songda Strikes The North West


Typhoon Songda is one of the most severe tropical cyclone found in the North West Pacific Ocean. On Oct 14th, 2016, the remnants of this powerful cyclone swept through the North West causing a disaster. Heavy storms and gusts traveling at 80mph caused an alarming situation and fear across the entire region.

Damage caused
Debris was flying everywhere. Power lines toppled and people were without power for two days. Trees kept falling over and causing damage to property. The heavy rain walloped the entire North Western regions. According to Fire and Rescue teams in Portland, the Peak gusts occurred between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Residents were asked to stay at homes and not roam in public. Parks, zoos and other places of public entertainment were closed as a precaution to keep people safe.


Earlier on October 3rd, there was a tropical disturbance in the west-southwest of Hawaii. Typhoon Songda entered into resurgence by October 11th.

Though there were mass panic and havoc created, the storm intensity was much less than predicted. Morgan Palmer who is a KIRO 7 Meteorologist stated that the reason for this low intensity was probably due to the fact that low pressure didn’t deepen while it was expected to.

Till now the worst calamities were reported in West Seattle when a tree fell and injured a young boy aged 4 and his father, 40 teenagers and six adults became stranded at an outdoor camp, two businesses were destroyed and one home was rendered uninhabitable.

However prepared you are for a natural calamity; it will leave you confused and distressed. Once you get a warning or alert, it’s best if you store emergency utilities to keep safe and sound. The Forecasts predicted a heavy aftereffect, however, this time, the dangers were lesser than expected. This proves that Nature is very unpredictable.

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Obama Supports Conservation Of National Parks


Years ago, an eleven-year-old Hawaiian boy found himself captivated by the sights that he saw while on vacation with his mother. They were standing in one of America’s most celebrated National Parks, The Yellowstone National Park. This was where one of America’s most famous Presidents, Mr. Theodore Roosevelt, would often retreat to.

As the boy stood watching the many wonders of the park, like a group of Bison strolling away at a distance, he felt he could understand a little bit about why the former President would leave his office to spend days trekking through this place. Never before had the child been this enraptured by nature.

Years later, the boy now all grown up, yet again walked through the woods of yet another famous National Park. And, this time he could fully fathom the feelings of the past President. The boy was none other than Mr. Barack Obama, current President of The United States Of America.

During his visit, scheduled before the park’s centennial celebrations, Obama extolled the many virtues of Mother Nature. He called for greater conservationist activities aimed at preserving The National Parks of America, which he said must be everyone’s solemn duty. The parks, he said, are our greatest legacy and preserving them for future generations must become everyone’s duty.

Followed by his own family, as well as his supporters, Obama showed how even taking a simple walk in the woods were enough to soothe everyone’s mood. He met with several of the park’s rangers during his visit and even surprised a bunch of school kids who were touring the park.

He was also accompanied by National Geographic Channel’s Explorer host Richard Bacon. Obama and Bacon trekked through the oak and pine forests of Yosemite. Bacon pointed out the parks areas that are now protected thanks to the untiring efforts of National Geographic’s 1st full-time editor Gilbert Grosvenor.

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