In what could be termed as a strengthening of ties between two big neighbors, America and Mexico are now in the midst of serious discussions regarding the joint bid they plan to make for the FIFA World Cup that is going to be held in 2026.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino has already shown support for this move between the two neighboring nations and many have high hopes regarding its success. The FIFA Congress is going to take place in Mexico City this week and football officials from both countries are expecting some good news to come out during that time.

United States Soccer Federation member Mr. John Motta sounded very optimistic as he spoke to a major sports channel regarding this. He confirmed that talks were in progress and that the Mexican officials too seemed enthusiastic about the idea for a joint bid. He went further by saying that he too hoped for positive outcomes and that even if the joint bid did not work, his association was still determined to bid for the World Cup Venue.

Meanwhile, his Mexican counterpart, The Mexican Football Federation president Decio de Maria too confirmed the reports and expressed his personal desire that the idea for the joint bid works out in the interest of both parties.